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Like An Expressive Melody, This Aria Is Aptly Named!

According to Wikipedia, an aria started out originally as any expressive melody usually performed by a singer.  In a culture where our names don’t always mean something (as famously pointed out by Butch in Pulp Fiction) this is a case where it does and it works for this girl!  She is a sweetheart who has been a friend of our Lacey’s since they were toddlers!  She’s bright, beautiful and nice – like an expressive melody indeed!  As one of our spokesmodels for the class of 2017 this is the second time we’ve been able to get out on location and photograph her this year alone, but she’s been in front of Ally’s camera several times over the years!  With her mom (and our friend) Rachel along for the ride, it was another fun and epic day!

Aria Is Aptly Named…

This session was almost exclusively on location and our Aria was prepared with makeup done by Mandy Rose from Mandy Rose Studio – little shout out here to Mandy as she does amazing work!  Aria was stylin’ too and with that said we should get to a few of the photos…



Now let’s mix in some behind the scenes fun from the day, first with our 6 second looping vine:

And now let’s see one of the replays of the live Periscope broadcasts from the session!  If you aren’t following us on Periscope you can do it and be a part of our broadcasts in the live chat here, or you can just watch on twitter here.

We also did a quick Facebook Live broadcast while we were at Heritage Park too – take a look:

….and here’s a fun photo from the blue door in the broadcast above!


Love that one…!

At this point we changed locations to head over to Birmingham to get a few city shots.  Here’s a cool one in the alleyway:

Aria We also broadcasted one more time for some more behind the scenes fun in Birmingham on Periscope!

As we near the end of the story we’ll leave you with one more of Aria on the stairway – step by step we know she’ll be smiling the whole way!


And there you have it!  Aria is truly a melody of a girl and she’s aptly named for sure!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

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Doug’s Amateur 2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas!

I am NOT a professional photographer.  Let’s get that straight – and I will not be any time soon.  I have always loved photography, always had a camera and have always had a nice amateur eye.  So being in the photography business with my amazing professional photographer wife Ally has given me a chance to be involved in it, and to play around with the behind the scenes photos when I’m creating content to promote what we do.


Meanwhile the cameras on iPhones and smartphones in general have become better and better – the quality is quite amazing for everyday amateur use and the tools and filters let you have a lot of fun.  We’ve always said that the more people appreciate everyday photography the more they will appreciate professional photography, and we embrace the technology and use it to highlight the photos we take for our clients.

To that end I’ve become fond of the Panorama option on the iPhone, and I made sure to grab a pano of each spokesmodel session for the class of 2017.  I thought maybe these could make a fun blog post and so here we go…..!  These are unfiltered by the way with the exception of Ally brightening one or two of them.

2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas!

2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas


With Lily we went to Heritage Park in Farmington Hills and I got Ally here in action with Lily under this pretty trellis.

2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas


Haven rocked it in the studio on this purple background with the light wood floor – I got up high for this angle…

2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas


Bending an alleyway in Birmingham as Nick mimics Ally’s pose…

2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas


Our Lacey at Belle Isle where if you look really closely you can see the Detroit skyline in the distance to the right …

2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas


Ilyssa with the blue on the blue door in Pontiac on a cold and overcast day…

2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas


Marie lounges on the “throne” in the studio on the red background and the dark wood floor…

2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas


Ben chilling on a footbridge – another bend in reality…

2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas

Aria and Maya

Aria and Maya go back to back in downtown Detroit with the awesome murals of “The Belt“.

Kinda neat huh?  We hope you enjoyed these class of 2017 spokesmodel panoramas!  Let us know what you think!

Ben Leads The Way for the Class of 2017 Spokesmodel Boys!

Ben leads the way for the two guys we have in our class of 2017 spokesmodel crew!  Ben is another one of our daughter Lacey’s friends and Ben’s parents are friends of ours too.  Ben is sharp guy – smart and driven and we like him a lot!  He did a great job on this session which is cool because not all the boys dream of posing for pictures for a couple hours.  I think Ben had more fun than he expected which is usually how it goes!

Ben Leads…

After a string of 7 straight girls Ben is our first guy spokesmodel for this class and we started off with the GQ formal look here in the studio on the grey background…Ben LeadsDapper dude…

One more in the studio with a more casual look…

Ben LeadsAt this point before we head on location we’ll take a look at the fun behind the scenes footage from the day!  First we have our 6 second vine for your looping pleasure:

Next we have the replays of our live Periscope broadcasts from our YouTube channel.  You can subscribe to the channel and you can also download the Periscope app and follow us at @frameablefaces there at this link.  It’s fun!  Ben’s awesome mom Gina makes an appearance and so does Lacey as a guest host for a couple minutes!

Okay now let’s take a look at the location photos from the trails behind the West Bloomfield Library – it’s really nice back there…

Ben Leads

Definitely one of our favorite shots of the day!  Blue shirts bring out blue eyes nicely…

We’ll leave you with this last one by the city hall…

Ben Leads

Good stuff!  We had a great day with Ben and we’re happy for him to lead the way for the class of 2017!  Stay tuned – Nick is up next on the blog!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights of Ben!


Ahhhhhhhh It’s Aria! Our Latest Spokesmodel!

Ahhhhhhhh It’s Aria!  The surrealness of the class of 2017 continues as we present another upcoming senior we’ve known for almost her entire life!  Aria and our Lacey have been friends since they were toddlers and Aria’s parents are friends of ours (you’ll see Rachel in the broadcast replays later).  Aria is our latest spokesmodel from this awesome crew which has us so fired up!  She has appeared on this blog before in photos from her younger sister Sedona’s bat mitzvah and now it’s her turn in the spotlight as a spokesmodel.  Aria is one of the nicest people you will meet – smart and beautiful, she’s the whole package and we were excited for this day which led us to downtown Detroit again where we’ve been hanging out a lot lately.  If you watched the live broadcasts from this session then you know that this was also a double spokesmodel session with Maya whose photos we will be posting soon – you’ll meet Maya in the replays below as well!

Ahhhhhhhh It’s Aria!

But for now we are going to focus on Miss Aria for a bit….  We started off in the studio on the fiery red fabric background for this full length serious pose…

Ahhhhhhhh It's Aria

She’s a stunner!

Aside from the black and blowy which we’re doing with all of our female spokesmodels we didn’t spend a ton of time in the studio for this session.  The rest of the shots are in Detroit where we found some great murals and locales, but before we get to those let’s have a little fun with the behind the scenes of our day and then we’ll look at more results.  First we have our Vine of Aria for your 6 second looping pleasure:

Next we have the replays of the live Periscope broadcasts of the day from our Katch.me page which are always a lot of fun.  If you haven’t downloaded this amazing app yet you can do so and come along with us on future sessions at @frameablefaces at this link.

First we have the studio broadcast:

And next we have the Detroit City broadcast!

To the D

At this point we headed downtown to The Belt alleyway where there are amazing murals in the alley as well as the adjacent parking garage and we got some great shots!  Here are a couple – first in the garage:

Ahhhhhhhh it's AriaI like the match of the earth tones of the mural and the earth tones of Aria’s clothes…

Next we have a photo from The Belt alley…

Ahhhhhhhh it's Aria

So pretty!  Love the timely breeze giving the slightest lift to her hair there…

At this point we relocated to the Wayne County Building for this photo that we’ll leave you with:

Ahhhhhhhh it's Aria

Cute smile which says it all about Aria – she’s a happy sweet girl and we love her!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our time with her!

Just Jared, His Jersey, His Jacket, and some FIRE!

Just Jared, his jersey, his (letter) jacket and some fire was all we needed for this awesome session with our nephew!  Yes – our nephew!  Talk about surreal – we can remember when he was born like it was yesterday and he’s the oldest of the next generation in my family.  Of course this means our own kids won’t be that far behind.  Wow.  But we still have time to ponder that – in the meantime let’s get to Jared’s session which was photographed exclusively in the studio and it rocked.

Just Jared

That’s a good looking kid right?  Yeah – and so what if we’re biased?  #sorrynotsorry hehe….  Ally had fun messing with him and getting him to laugh and we all had a good time.  We played around with a few different backgrounds and we really like the way this next photo looks in black and white on the white background.

Just Jared

There is a strong sports tradition in my family and Jared is one of a couple of the next generation specifically carrying on the football part of that tradition, so next it was time to break out the jerseys and letter jacket and as we often like to do – FIRE!

Here is a fun behind the scenes vine of the action – no fake or photoshopped fire in this studio – no sir.  Only the real deal at Frameable Faces.

Here is the fiery result:

Just Jared

The official colors of the Walled Lake Northern Knights are maroon, silver, and black so using the black background for the jersey was perfect and we liked the idea of the letter jacket against the grey background which matches the silver pretty well.  Take a look:

Just Jared

That’s a nice one to end on.  All we needed was just Jared, his jersey, his jacket, and some FIRE and the results were perfect.  We had a great time with our nephew and we hope you enjoyed these photos!