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A Pro At Two Months Old!

We had the total pleasure of photographing a family new to our studio with an awesome little smushy two month old baby boy with a thick head of hair and a totally easy disposition.  When babies get beyond two weeks old they start to sleep a little less and it is anybody’s guess how the session will go because sometimes their napping, eating, and pooping schedules start to shift around.  Well this little guy was so easy to work with!  He was really a pro at two months old!

Two Months Old

We did block off plenty of time for this session – sometimes for the little ones you need more time if you are waiting for eating, diaper changing and the like, but we did not need the extra time.  We started with some shots of just the baby since that was priority number one and he was fast asleep and ready to go.

Two Months Old

Next we brought the rest of the family into the act, and when I say the rest of the family I really mean the rest of the family – including the kitty!  We love when families bring the pets along, and Ally loves cats (we have two of our own).  What a nice family – and the dad loves football so that automatically makes him cool.

Here is a fun behind the scenes vine of the action!


Sure everyone has heard of Mickey Mouse, but Mickey the kitty is “taking Mickey back” for kitty nation.  Who says a cat can’t be named Mickey right?  Right.  Just look at him – he doesn’t care what you think.  You can’t stop him…

"I'm King of the World!!!"

I’m King of the World!!!

Photo of a kitty

This couch is just my style…

Mickey the cute kitty

Hey I was told there was fish in here. There are no fish in here.

Frameable Pups!

Let’s “paws” for this blog post as we celebrate a few of our frameable pups!  Pet photography is lots of fun and while dogs are not allowed in the Orchard Mall as a rule we have an exemption for our canine frameables who come to our studio for their close up.  Yes sometimes Frameable Faces Photography goes to the dogs.  Ally has been known to be a bit of a dog whisperer – she has a pretty good rapport with these furry friends and we thought we’d share a few images of Buster, Jasmine, Chuck and Maggie…   enjoy!

Frameable PupsFrameable PupsFrameable PupsFrameable Pups