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Blair’s Beautiful Wintry Blast of a Session!

Blair’s Beautiful Wintry Blast was…..well…..a blast!!!  We alluded to this before but this winter of 2015-2016 was a tricky one.  I say that because this winter there really was no winter.  We only had a few seniors who were waiting for snow to do their sessions and we literally had just enough days with snow to make it happen.  No extras at all – no room for error or rescheduling.  When we got our precious snow we had to scramble the troops and get outside to shoot!!!  We did luck out with Blair since the day that worked out for us saw plenty of snow on the ground from a snow fall two days earlier.  Not to mention that it was considerably warmer at this point, so the conditions worked out very nicely after all!  Blair deserved it because she is a total sweetheart, and I think her pups enjoyed it too as you’ll see in a bit!

Starting in the studio…

But before we get to the white stuff let’s start in the studio where we spent a little time before heading out on location.  First on the simple white backdrop:

Beautiful Wintry Blast

Love it!

Next we brought out the black backdrop for this one:

Beautiful Wintry Blast

Beautiful girl!!!

Okay now we have a little behind the scenes action from our day for your enjoyment.  First our fun 6 second looping vine:

Next we have the full replays of our live Periscope broadcasts from our YouTube channel for your extended viewing pleasure.  If you still haven’t downloaded Periscope you can do so and follow us at @frameablefaces at this link.  First the indoor scope:

And now the outdoor scope!

Beautiful Wintry Blast, Beautiful Senior

At this point using Blair’s home as a base we headed out into the commons area of the subdivision where she lives (also the one I grew up in) for some wintry photos, and for this first one we had a couple of furry family members join us!  Say hi to Kramer and Jelly!

Beautiful Wintry Blast

Love this photo!!!

Okay one last one of Blair having a little fun in the snow…

Beautiful Wintry Blast

So pretty!  And so there you have it!  Certainly a beautiful wintry blast of a session with a beautiful Blair!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from our day!




Awestruck By Akwia And Her Awesome Senior Photos!

Awestruck by Akwia is how we felt on the day of her session – softspoken and sweet, athletic and beautiful – she’s got the whole package!  We had a great time hanging out with her as well as her mom and her pup Sophie!  Just a great session overall and we are excited to share a few sneak peeks with you!

Awestruck By Akwia…

We started out on location over by the West Bloomfield Library – one of our favorite spots for natural beauty (not to mention a great library as a side note) and the fall colors were in full swing.  We’ll start on a trail where you’ll see a nice pop of “Pure Michigan” orange in the distance to compliment Akwia in this lovely red dress.



Before we look at more photos let’s take a look at our fun behind the scenes footage from our day.  First we have our fun 6 second looping Vine where you’ll see Sophie getting into the action and a little studio fire:

Next we have the extended replays of our Periscope broadcasts from the session for those who want to see a little more behind the scenes.  They are linked together (location and studio).  If you still haven’t downloaded Periscope you can follow us at @frameablefaces and do so at this link.

Okay now let’s get back to the photos including this one with Akwia and Sophie!



Back To The Studio…

Let’s now head back to the studio where we “turned the heat up” with a little fire in a photo that provides a little contrast of the glamour and the grit!


And now we’ll leave you with more of a close up that is just simply Akwia and we love it!


And there it is – you can now see why we are awestruck right?  Congrats to Akwia – she rocked this session and we hope you all enjoyed the highlights!


A Superb Studio Session That Was All About Alana!

Sometimes simplicity just works.  Let me explain what I mean by that. Ally’s approach to portraits has always been about the people, the faces, the expressions, the personalities.  Sure we love our sessions where we go to interesting locations and get beautiful scenery or gritty urban photos, but we’ve always maintained that regardless of how exciting the location is, it has to come back to the subject – the people, the Frameable Faces.  It’s for this reason that a stripped down approach in the studio with a black backdrop can provide plenty of rewards, and that was certainly the case with Alana for her senior photos.

Family Tradition…

Meanwhile Alana’s grandfather Al was my Godfather and our families go back about 5 decades, so having Alana here was really special and a bit surreal too.  She looked great and we’ve known her since she was born.  Her mom Holly has known me since I was born, so there’s that circle of life thing….  So you get the picture right?  So enough chat – let’s get to Alana’s beautiful photo shoot shall we?  We are starting (and staying) on the black…

All About Alana

So pretty right?

Before we get to the rest of our sneak peeks let’s look at some behind the scenes footage – first with our fun 6 second vine:

Now let’s look at the extended replay of the live Periscope broadcast we did during the session.  If you haven’t downloaded the app and followed us there you can do so at this link.  It’s like Frameable Faces TV!

Normally we would have the video embedded in the post right here, but due to a technical difficulty we seem to be having with this particular video on YouTube, so you can go to this link to watch it at our Katch.me page instead.  Enjoy!

All About Alana (and a little Eureka)

Okay so let’s look at the rest of the photos:

All About AlanaLove that half length shot and this next black and white shot of our “black and blowy” set up…

All About Alana

Such a dramatic look and we love this look on Alana!  We’ll leave you now with one more photo this time with Alana and Eureka!

All About Alana

Awww – a girl and her pup.  Haha!  So there you have it – a simple and superb studio session that was all about Alana (and a little Eureka)!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights!






So Fun Getting Krazy with The Kamen Family!

Getting Krazy with the Kamen family proved to be one of the most fun family sessions we have ever had here at Frameable Faces!  We love these guys.  You may recognize Courtney from her days as a high school senior spokesmodel for the class of 2014 if you follow our blog.  This time we had the whole fam here including their dog Shadow who was definitely the star of the shoot!  Haha!  This session had everything including jumping, family hugs, silly faces, Shadow “sitting on a throne” and various other shenanigans so let’s get to it…

For starters they chose to go with black clothes on the black background for colors which really looks cool.  Sometimes people wonder if that will work because they fear the clothing will blend into the background, but it looks great if you know how to light it properly.  The first shot is a classic hug between three siblings and a spouse.  Love it!

Getting Krazy

Next it was time to get Shadow involved and he’s quite a stud.  He holds an extremely important position and status within this family so it was critical to convey that in this next photo which is why we had him sitting on his throne for this one.  We think we captured the moment here…

Getting Krazy

Next we started to play around some and get some fun candid shots and that’s when the hilarious shenanigans started…  here’s a great one:

Getting Krazy

And here is our hilarious behind the scenes vine of the session…  so funny!

Lastly we’ll share this fun shot where Shadow jumped back in for another…  This was the photo we teased in our last year-end recap post.

Getting Krazy

So there you have it!  We had an absolute blast getting Krazy with the Kamen family!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights from their awesome session!

2014 Was A Wonderful and Frameable Year!

2014 was a wonderful and “Frameable” year that we won’t soon forget and in many ways it was the best year yet for Frameable Faces!  As we charge into what should only be the best, happiest and healthiest 2015 possible for ALL of our peeps – we take a happy look back at the past year!

The Class of 2015 Spokesmodels

Okay so the fact that we assembled a new crew of spokesmodels wasn’t something unique to 2014 since we do that every year, but every class is indeed unique and this one was no exception!  A bigger class than usual, we really fell in love with this group and ended up with some great new friends out of it – not just friends of the studio but of our family.  We spent a good part of our winter and spring photographing these awesome seniors and I was playing with the panorama function on my iPhone camera the whole time.  Let’s reveal all of the behind-the-scenes panoramas from those sessions together here – these aren’t professional shots and they aren’t filtered or retouched but together they are kind of neat!

2014 201420142014201420142014201420142014201420142014That’s how we spent a good part of the first 4 months of the year, culminating with our spokesmodel party with our usual dinner (catered by Pine Lake Market) and Just Baked cupcakes and that’s where we create our composite which stays in the window of our studio until the next class!


Summer – Relay For Life, more seniors, road trips…

Team Frameable Faces participated in the Relay For Life once again to try to help beat cancer and we had a fun and rewarding day raising a nice chunk of money this year.  We also continued photographing a whole bunch of seniors and we even took a couple of road trips including one where Ally took some breathtaking photos up at Sleeping Bear Dunes.  We worked hard this summer and at the same time had to plan and gear up for our son Tony’s Bar Mitzvah!  Our heads were spinning most of the time… but it was all good stuff.

Tony’s Bar Mitzvah!

What an awesome weekend this was!  Tony did a great job, the party was a blast, and our photographer – well she’s the best.  We hired our own event photographer Angela and it was really cool to be on the other side of the lens and in her capable and talented hands.  You can see a handful of highlights from our day here!


2014New Website, other highlights and cruising towards 2015!

Meanwhile plenty of other topics were on our minds and on our plates – the launch of our fantastic new website designed by our friends at EPK Design, continued Instagramming, Vining, Tweeting, Facebooking, YouTubing, Pinning, Google Plus-ing and blogging!  We photographed plenty of families including this recent one which we’ll give you just a peek of before their upcoming blog post…


Reflecto had a bit of a rebirth as well after recovering from an injury and continued to focus on his favorite topic……himself.

So that’s our recap – we are thankful for all of you and for a great year and we are looking forward to what will be an amazing 2015!  We wish for all of you peace, health and happiness, and we will see you all soon!

All our best,

Doug and Ally


On Location With Old Friends In The Chicago ‘Burbs!

We were recently in Chicago for a family event and while we were there we connected with my best friend from college in the suburbs for a family session on a brisk fall day in the park.  It’s fun to photograph old friends and to be able to get their kids and ours together for a visit during our road trip.  We go back over 25 years and it’s always a lot of fun when we get together.

Anyone who knows my buddy Barry knows he’s pretty passionate about his dogs and of course Half-Face and Omar were going to be included in the family portraits.  That’s where we’ll start – with all of the family!

Old Friends Great family and are those dogs beautiful or what?

Next we focused on getting some photos without the pups and if you have been a frequent follower of our work you know Ally is a big fan of the “family hug”!

Old Friends

The kids are getting to be so grown up!  To you they just look like great looking kids – for me it’s different because I’ve known them from the time they were born!

Here is a fun little behind the scenes vine from the session:

Next we focused in on getting some shots of just the kids as you can see from the vine.  Here are a couple of great ones…

Old Friends

So cute right?  Little sister loving on her older brother!  Having a boy and girl ourselves we just know this is exactly how they always get along!!!  Right?

And one more of the two of them just relaxing and hanging out together.

Old Friends

So there you have it – on location with old friends in the Chicago ‘burbs – it’s about as good as it gets for us!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights from the session!

A Pro At Two Months Old!

We had the total pleasure of photographing a family new to our studio with an awesome little smushy two month old baby boy with a thick head of hair and a totally easy disposition.  When babies get beyond two weeks old they start to sleep a little less and it is anybody’s guess how the session will go because sometimes their napping, eating, and pooping schedules start to shift around.  Well this little guy was so easy to work with!  He was really a pro at two months old!

Two Months Old

We did block off plenty of time for this session – sometimes for the little ones you need more time if you are waiting for eating, diaper changing and the like, but we did not need the extra time.  We started with some shots of just the baby since that was priority number one and he was fast asleep and ready to go.

Two Months Old

Next we brought the rest of the family into the act, and when I say the rest of the family I really mean the rest of the family – including the kitty!  We love when families bring the pets along, and Ally loves cats (we have two of our own).  What a nice family – and the dad loves football so that automatically makes him cool.

Here is a fun behind the scenes vine of the action!


Sure everyone has heard of Mickey Mouse, but Mickey the kitty is “taking Mickey back” for kitty nation.  Who says a cat can’t be named Mickey right?  Right.  Just look at him – he doesn’t care what you think.  You can’t stop him…

"I'm King of the World!!!"

I’m King of the World!!!

Photo of a kitty

This couch is just my style…

Mickey the cute kitty

Hey I was told there was fish in here. There are no fish in here.

Frameable Pups!

Let’s “paws” for this blog post as we celebrate a few of our frameable pups!  Pet photography is lots of fun and while dogs are not allowed in the Orchard Mall as a rule we have an exemption for our canine frameables who come to our studio for their close up.  Yes sometimes Frameable Faces Photography goes to the dogs.  Ally has been known to be a bit of a dog whisperer – she has a pretty good rapport with these furry friends and we thought we’d share a few images of Buster, Jasmine, Chuck and Maggie…   enjoy!

Frameable PupsFrameable PupsFrameable PupsFrameable Pups