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A Pro At Two Months Old!

We had the total pleasure of photographing a family new to our studio with an awesome little smushy two month old baby boy with a thick head of hair and a totally easy disposition.  When babies get beyond two weeks old they start to sleep a little less and it is anybody’s guess how the session will go because sometimes their napping, eating, and pooping schedules start to shift around.  Well this little guy was so easy to work with!  He was really a pro at two months old!

Two Months Old

We did block off plenty of time for this session – sometimes for the little ones you need more time if you are waiting for eating, diaper changing and the like, but we did not need the extra time.  We started with some shots of just the baby since that was priority number one and he was fast asleep and ready to go.

Two Months Old

Next we brought the rest of the family into the act, and when I say the rest of the family I really mean the rest of the family – including the kitty!  We love when families bring the pets along, and Ally loves cats (we have two of our own).  What a nice family – and the dad loves football so that automatically makes him cool.

Here is a fun behind the scenes vine of the action!

A Twin Sister Senior Double Bill!

This does not seem possible but while we have photographed several sets of twin high school seniors before, each time it was a twin brother and sister.  This was the first time we had ever photographed twin sisters!  We love all of our seniors but photographing twin sisters together was a unique experience and a total blast!!!

Both of these girls are stunning and they are soooo funny together.  All five of us (mom included) were laughing our tails off for most of the session.  We started out on location first, and first we’ll focus on Mary’s individual shots.

High School Senior PictureHigh School Senior PortraitHigh School Senior Pictures

Gorgeous right?  Here’s a little 6 second peek into the making of this session with the girls posing together…  🙂

It was quite chilly but you would never know it from the results and the lighting was just right!  These two were jabbing at each other with the full sibling rivalry on display one second, and then laughing and cheering each other on a second later!  Their mom sometimes played a little referee and then other times just stayed out of the way.  Hilarious!  You can see how much fun these two had posing for some pictures together in these next two images!

High School Senior Twins PortraitHigh School Senior Portrait - Twins

Last but not least let’s take a look at Natalie’s individual photos!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures of these fun and adorable sisters!  We certainly had a memorable day with them that we will not soon forget!

High School Senior PictureHigh School Senior PicturesHigh School Senior Portrait




A Growing Family – Right Before Our Eyes!

This was a very special pair of photo sessions!  This family came in just two days before the due date of the new baby girl’s arrival into the world!  Maternity sessions are so beautiful and this one was no exception.  Then five days later they came back on the way from the hospital with the baby!  A brand new three day old newborn!  Love, LOVE, LOVE!!!

Family Portrait (maternity)

First for the maternity session…  Anticipation was high and they knew that a baby girl was coming so pink was the theme!  Ally always says guys look great in pink and this baby girl will have several men to look out for her who were pretty excited for her arrival!  Here are a couple peeks from the session:

Couple Maternity PortraitBrothers Portrait

Then a few days later we got the call that the little princess had arrived and that they would be coming straight here from the hospital on her third day – we were so excited!  And not only was she a beautiful baby, but this was the easiest newborn session we have EVER had.  She slept almost the whole time and didn’t even poop during the session once!  🙂  This baby had the most pleasant disposition we have encountered.  Take a look!

Newborn portraitNewborn baby photoNewborn baby portrait

A Family Finally Completed

The last time we photographed this family they were a family of 4.  Now they’re a family of 5 and what a journey they took to get here.  After a very sad and extremely dangerous episode a few years ago that resulted in the loss of the baby that would have completed their family along with the ability to have any more children, some time passed and they never quite felt like they were complete.  They were happy but something told them they were still meant to be a family of 5 all the same, so first they healed, then they talked, then they dreamed, and then they hoped for the opportunity to adopt and bring another life into their home and their family.

They took the steps needed to adopt and first they looked to Russia.  Plans were made.  A lot of time, effort and emotion was invested into this and they were going to need to take three trips in all to Russia to find and bring home their daughter.  And then…. their hopes were temporarily squashed by Vladimir Putin when he signed an anti-U.S. adoption bill on December 28th, 2012 banning the adoption of Russian children by U.S. families effective January 1, 2013.  Luckily they hadn’t taken the first trip to Russia yet, but this was still a setback to be sure.

So back to the drawing board they went to find a baby girl here in the states, and after 5 anxious months the journey finally led them to Utah where they found their beautiful daughter!  They brought her home to her new and excited siblings and they all came to the studio shortly thereafter.  They are finally complete and we are so happy for them!

Family Portrait

Newborn Baby

Older Siblings with Newborn

Newborn Portrait

“Perfect” Children!

Let me explain….   We have photographed plenty of little ones.  Newborns, toddlers, kids – and we love all of our little Frameables.  Often when we tell parents that our sessions are two hours they react by saying “there is no way my child will sit and pose for two hours”, and we reply saying “that’s why we need two hours!”  Sometimes toddlers need a little time to get comfortable, and for newborns in particular we block off 3 hours and try not to schedule anything right after just in case we need more time.  With newborns very often there are feedings that need to happen, diapers that need to be changed, and sometimes we need to wait it out while baby falls asleep so we can take photos while they are sleeping.  It’s not a perfect step by step choreography, but that’s okay – it doesn’t have to be.  We almost always get what we need even if the good stuff doesn’t start to happen right away…

Having said all that, there was one child that we photographed three years ago that we always remember as being so extraordinarily easy to work with as a newborn – we were able to get a ton of perfect shots and it didn’t take long at all.  Well, she just came back as a three year old with her 9 day old sister and sure enough, she did an incredible job again – this time with baby sis and the baby was amazing too!  These parents are 2 for 2!  Like the title of this post says – PERFECT CHILDREN!!!  We love love love these photos… and hope you enjoy them too!  🙂

Little SiblingsNewborn Baby PhotoNewborn PhotoSibling Cuteness

Bring On The Little Brother!

We have had the immense pleasure of photographing one particular little girl who is super cute, super smart and full of personality since she was still in utero, and now we introduce to you (actually as you’ll see below she is helping to introduce to you) her newborn baby brother! She was so well behaved for this session, she did a fantastic job with her new brother, and she was so excited!


This was such a fun session, and meanwhile just look at all of that blond hair on the little man!  He slept for much of the session which is very helpful for newborns – he was only 9 days old!  Enjoy!

Newborn babynewborn baby

Newborn and Family Photos – Meet the L family with new Princess V!

Such major sweetness graced us in the studio a few days ago!  Meet Princess V!

Newborn Photo in parents hands, Frameable Faces Photography
She was 8 days old and all yumminess!!! AND she brought in her two big sisters, too!3 little sisters, Frameable Faces Photography
We were lucky enough to photograph Little Miss L’s newborn photos about 2 years ago – and to say that J and K make some GORGEOUS babies would be a serious understatement!  But then again, look at them!!  I guess that’s what happens when you have a beautiful (and super sweet) Mom and a handsome (and hilarious!) Dad!
Family Photo, Frameable Faces Photography
Sure, it took a little while to get some of these images of V, but it was totally worth it!!!  And Ally got to have her baby fix, too.  Everyone was happy!!!Sleeping baby, Frameable Faces Photography

4 Ways We Incorporate Music Into Frameable Faces Photography

Music plays a huge role here at Frameable Faces.  As for me I’ve been a music fanatic my whole life.  I grew up with brothers who were 10 and 8 years older than me so I was headbanging to Kiss, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin when I was 5.  I evolved and Music, Photography Studio, Frameable Faces Photographyplayed the cello in my high school orchestra, and now I sing in a rock band.  I listen to everything from hip/hop to jazz to classical and having a photography studio gives me a lab in which to actively practice my music snobbery on a daily basis and so I will share with you now a few ways which music plays a role at our studio.  You are SO lucky to have access to these pearls….  hahaha…

Music Soothes The Savage Beast

For newborn sessions we turn the heat up, the lights down low, we lock the door to keep the studio exclusive to new mommy and baby (newborns come to the studio in the first two weeks after birth) and play classical music.  While the theory about classical music somehow helping along the cognitive development of babies has been debunked, it can still help to soothe and make baby happy.  A google search turned up this article from 2010 on the topic.  Very often we start off with something simple like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and then we move on from there.

Music For Inspiration

Music is a very powerful tool to create a mood, and it helps to have a wide repertoire of musical knowledge so you can match the right genre for a haute session or a family session or a high school senior session, although the high school seniors usually know what they like and sometimes a website like Accuradio can come in handy if you don’t own the latest pop hits.

Music For Commercial Purposes

Here is where you need to be careful and follow the rules.  We still see many new photographers who are starting out who use copyrighted music on their websites without permission which is a no-no.  We have permission to use the song on our website, and when it comes to our promotional videos and slideshows that we actually sell as products we pay for the use of royalty-free music.  You can find clips of wonderful professional music for your videos written especially for different kinds of sessions with services like Triple Scoop, Emotion, and Animoto.

Music For Everything Else

Music is always playing here.  Even if there isn’t a session going on there is music playing just to edit or blog to.  As I’m writing this I’m listening to Marty Willson-Piper – guitarist for The Church and one of my favorite artists.  Good soothing jangly alternative rock.  People expect to hear good music when they come here and it’s part of our culture.  It’s fun!  We like to share what we are listening to with the occasional tweet, and we even have a Pinterest board that focuses on the music we play here.

What is your favorite music to listen to and for what activities?