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Awestruck By Akwia And Her Awesome Senior Photos!

Awestruck by Akwia is how we felt on the day of her session – softspoken and sweet, athletic and beautiful – she’s got the whole package!  We had a great time hanging out with her as well as her mom and her pup Sophie!  Just a great session overall and we are excited to share a few sneak peeks with you!

Awestruck By Akwia…

We started out on location over by the West Bloomfield Library – one of our favorite spots for natural beauty (not to mention a great library as a side note) and the fall colors were in full swing.  We’ll start on a trail where you’ll see a nice pop of “Pure Michigan” orange in the distance to compliment Akwia in this lovely red dress.



Before we look at more photos let’s take a look at our fun behind the scenes footage from our day.  First we have our fun 6 second looping Vine where you’ll see Sophie getting into the action and a little studio fire:

Next we have the extended replays of our Periscope broadcasts from the session for those who want to see a little more behind the scenes.  They are linked together (location and studio).  If you still haven’t downloaded Periscope you can follow us at @frameablefaces and do so at this link.

Okay now let’s get back to the photos including this one with Akwia and Sophie!



Back To The Studio…

Let’s now head back to the studio where we “turned the heat up” with a little fire in a photo that provides a little contrast of the glamour and the grit!


And now we’ll leave you with more of a close up that is just simply Akwia and we love it!


And there it is – you can now see why we are awestruck right?  Congrats to Akwia – she rocked this session and we hope you all enjoyed the highlights!


Love Was In The Air For Alex And Rachel’s Engagement Session!

Love was in the air – well actually it’s in these portraits we’re about to share with you of our cousin Alex and his wonderful fiancé Rachel!  This is yet another portrait session that lands in the category of the surreal since Ally can remember when Alex was born and I came on the scene not a whole lot later than that.  It’s one thing to be photographing seniors whom we’ve known since birth, it’s another to be photographing engagement photos for this guy.  Keep in mind that we did Alex’s senior portraits too, so officially he’s the first Frameable Faces senior to also have his engagement photos done by us!

Love Was In The Air

This session was totally on location at one of our favorite spots and we had a perfect day – perfect lighting and perfect scene overall.  Let’s take a look at a couple sneak peeks shall we?

Love Was In The Air

You can tell how happy they are – happiness just leaps right off the screen!

Before we check out the rest of the photos let’s take a look at the behind the scenes action from the session – first with our fun 6 second looping vine which is actually quite hilarious:

Next let’s go behind the scenes for our extended Periscope broadcast replay from our YouTube channel!  If you aren’t using Periscope yet and want to follow us there on your smartphone or tablet you can download the app and follow us at @frameablefaces at this link:

Okay now let’s get back to a few more awesome photos!

Love Was In The Air

How great are these pictures?  We need to do more engagement sessions…. hehe

Love Was In The Air

We love that one….

Okay we’ll leave you with one more fun photo with a little fall “Pure Michigan” pop of color in the background:

Love Was In The Air

And there it is!  Love was definitely in the air with Alex and Rachel and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our time with them!


Catching Up With The Captivating Miss Caitlin!

It’s time to do a little catching up with the captivating miss Caitlin!  We love Caitlin – she is one of our spokesmodels for the class of 2016 and you may remember her from her spokesmodel session which was truly spectacular.  It’s always fun to come back and do a senior session 7 months later on a beautiful fall day with one of our peeps, and Caitlin definitely captivated us on this day!

The Captivating Miss Caitlin

Let’s start out at the studio.  We didn’t spend a ton of time here because we did plenty of studio work the last time around and this time we had some great “Pure Michigan” fall colors to play with.  We’ll take a peak at one from the black and blowy set up:

Captivating Miss Caitlin

Love this!  Caitlin just rocks the black and blowy…

Before we head outside let’s take a look at our behind the scenes footage.  First with our fun 6 second looping vine:

Next we have the extended replay of our Periscope broadcast from the session.  You’ll see here that we went to a tunnel that we’ve been to several times before but it’s not a common spot for us so it’s a treat when we do get there!  You can download the Periscope app and follow us there at @frameablefaces at this link.

Okay now let’s get outside!

Heading out for some fall…

We headed out to some trails by the West Bloomfield library which we love and got this photo on one of our fave little footbridges:

Captivating Miss Caitlin


Next we grabbed a photo by this one particular tree that turns a lovely red every fall… here it is in a closer crop of Caitlin:

Captivating Miss Caitlin

Love it.  Okay we will leave you with this one looking out from inside the tunnel that you saw in the Periscope.  It’s a neat photo because of the natural vignette that the darkness of the tunnel creates shooting out into the light with the fall colors in the background!

Captivating Miss Caitlin

Captivating indeed!  And there you have it – we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with Caitlin!!!

Join Us For Some Julia Senior Awesomeness!

Join us for some Julia senior awesomeness won’t you?  It will be worth your time because this was an amazing senior session with some wonderful “Pure Michigan” fall colors and, well – a wonderful senior!  We’ve known Julia’s mom since before there was a Julia which seems to be a running theme for the class of 2016 so this was yet another special day for us!  We had a lot of fun and the results speak for themselves….

Join Us For Julia

We started in the studio where we went with a little black and a little white.  Let’s start with the black.

Join Us

LOVE the hat!  Hats are really underrated accessories for senior shoots – every time a senior girl wears a hat it’s magic.  This is also a good time to give a shout out for the fantastic makeup by Shifra Raskin whose studio is right down the hall from ours!

Now before we get to the rest of the photos let’s look at the behind the scenes footage from our day.  First with our 6 second looping vine:

Next we have the extended replay of our Persicope broadcast where you’ll see Julia’s mom Teri guest host part of the show!  So fun when we have mom guest hosts!  You can download Periscope and follow us at @frameablefaces at this link.

Let’s get to the rest of the photos now with one more in the studio on the white before we head outside…

Join Us


Heading out on location…

Now for a couple of awesome location photos!  First with a nice close crop…

Join Us

And we’ll leave you with this one that brings out those “Pure Michigan” fall colors!!!

Join Us

BEAUTFUL!!!  Julia looks amazing in that photo!  A great note to end on and we are glad you could join us for some photos of Julia!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

We Just Couldn’t Wait….To Show You Kait(lin)!

We just couldn’t wait to show you the highlights from Kaitlin’s senior session!  The plan actually was to wait because we’re not done!  We covered a lot of ground on part one of her session but we left a little time to grab a few winter shots when the snow comes so this session is to be continued.  However the same way money burns holes in people’s pockets these photos are burning holes on our Macs and they basically fell into the blog because they’re too good.  It’s pretty much beyond our control.  Kaitlin is a total star and she’s a cool girl to boot!  So without further adieu, let’s take a look!

First we went with the cosmopolitan look which is perfect for this girl.  These shots in the city brought a few looks from the paparazzi around!

Just Couldn't Wait

And now you see why!  Kaitlin just owned this sidewalk – or is it a runway….?

Just Couldn't Wait

What’s really unique about that shot above is the metro look but with the pretty fall colors framing our senior.  So cool!

Next we made a quick stop at the park to get a natural shot before we headed back to the studio and here we get to see Kaitlin’s winning smile in this playful photo!

Just Couldn't Wait

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the afternoon:

Lastly we stopped back at the studio for a few on the black background and well, this black and blowy shot is just spectacular…

Just Couldn't Wait

Enough said right?  The best part is that we will still get to photograph her again in the snow!  She’s a delight and now you know why we just couldn’t wait to show you Kait(lin)!  Ha!  We hope you enjoyed these sneak peeks from her session!

Joining Fall, Fire and Finesse With Jenna!

We are happy to share highlights from the day we were joining Fall, fire, and finesse with Jenna!  For those of you who know us you know we are both North Farmington Raider alums and how much we love the brown and gold!  Jenna comes from a great family tradition of Raider athletes and I personally have known her dad and uncle since I was a kid so this was really a special session for us.  This session had great variety which fits this girl because she’s the whole package – she’s smart, athletic, pretty and funny!

Okay let’s get to the photos!  First we went on location to Heritage Park with Jenna and her mom and we were able to get this shot in the barn doorway – a unique shot for us since I don’t think we’ve ever been there where the door was open before…

Fire and Finesse

Love it!  This next photo is another unique shot with the deep mahogany colored leaves framing the photo, and Jenna’s eyes look amazing here!

Fire and Finesse

So after getting the “Fall” part it was time to head back to the studio to get the “Fire” part!  It’s no secret that we like to set things on fire here in the studio and a volleyball is the perfect prop!  We think shots like these just convey the energy, drama and fierce commitment required for athletic competition, and Jenna just nailed it.

Fire and Finesse

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the day!  We always love when people see these and say “Whoa that’s real fire!  We thought that was just photoshoped!”  Yes it’s real fire!

Lastly we went to the red background for a little more “Finesse” in a dress and we love this glam shot with the sneakers!

Fire and Finesse

So there you have it!  We hope you enjoyed our joining of fall, fire and finesse with Jenna!


We Are Unabashedly And Openly Admiring Alayna!

We are unabashedly and openly admiring Alayna and we don’t care if we embarrass her a little by saying so!  This girl is unassuming and modest, but she is beautiful and she has a cool style all her own.  After moving away for a while she came back to Michigan to finish her senior year and we are happy she did!  Her grandmother joined us on her session and what a cool grandma!  Our day with them was really just a total pleasure.

Okay so let’s get to the photos.  We started in the studio on the black background and we love Alayna in the grungy look with the ripped jeans, sneakers and flannel style shirt!

openly admiring alayna

We grabbed a few other photos on the black background before we headed out on location and here is a nice close up of Alayna’s lovely smile!

openly admiring alayna

Next it was time to head out on location and the fall colors were still at their peak on the day we spent together – this year it really seemed like we had an extended window with the colors over previous years.

We love everything about this next image – the fall orange behind her, the breeze slightly blowing her hair, the jacket, her eyes – all of it!

openly admiring alayna

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of our session!

Next we moved across the street from the nature preserve where we were shooting to a different park in order to use one of our favorite bridges.  There we produced this photo that we will leave you with…

openly admiring alayna

All in all we had a great day and enjoyed hanging out with Alayna and her grandma!  You can see why we are “openly admiring” her and we hope you enjoyed the highlights from her session!  🙂


A Sunny Sensational Senior Morning With Sid!

We definitely had a sunny sensational senior morning with Sid!  What an impressive, smart and engaging young man!  Sid is a busy guy with tennis and school and it took us a while to get a day that worked for all of us, but we finally made it work and our conditions were sunny and sensational – even if it was a little chilly out!  Like 30 degrees chilly!

We started on location on some trails and got this shot first against the tree…

Sunny Sensational Senior

You can see that we had some great backlight to work with there!  There were also some nice fall colors around which we see in the leaves surrounding Sid in this next spot.  We went to a different location on another trail where we came across a nice flat rock and we had been chatting about how when we find a new spot with a senior we name it for them.  That’s when Sid chimed in saying “Hey it’s Sid’s Slab!!!”  We love it!  Here is a shot of Sid on Sid’s Slab!  Haha!

Sunny Sensational Senior

Next we’ll share our fun behind the scenes vine of our morning…

Next it was time to head back to the studio for some photos indoors (and to warm up a little).  Here we started with the grey background which we really like for formal shots in suits and ties.  Sid nailed it and Ally always says she loves when the guys wear pink…

Sunny Sensational Senior

Lastly we broke out the black background which we are always fond of for this one:

Sunny Sensational Senior

Great times!  We look forward to big things from Sid and we had a sensational sunny morning with him on this session!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from our day!

O Juliet We Just Love Your Senior Session!

O Juliet we just LOVE your senior session!  That’s the truth.  We had amazing fall colors, a new outdoor prop we never used before, a great girl and a great mom and our results speak for themselves.  Juliet is a sweetheart and a really impressive girl with big plans and a clear head on her shoulders.  We can’t wait to see what she is going to accomplish with her life!  But for now let’s focus on the wonderful morning we spent with her!

We started on location where the fall colors were at their absolute peak – just look at this wall of color, and we love Juliet in the maroon dress – she looks beautiful, confident and content here.

O Juliet

We spent a little more time in the natural setting but we also got some really cool urban photos – and then the studio shots are amazing too….  We want to get to all of that so let’s move on.  🙂  Our next photo is just a fun engaging photo of Juliet on some steps which we think brings out her personality.

O Juliet

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the morning…  🙂

Now we’ll take a look at the spot we hadn’t used.  This outdoor “prop/barrel/tube thing” looks so cool in black and white – love this.  We’ll call it “senior in a circle” haha!

Senior in a circle

Lastly we headed back to the studio where we went with our black and blowy set up and we have to say that Juliet nailed this shot.  Like it was made for her – so dramatic and pretty!

High School Senior Girl - "O Juliet"

And that concludes our highlights of this session, even though we could have easily kept going – no shortage of amazing photos of this girl from that morning…  We hope you enjoyed them!


A Frameable Fun Fall Session With A Family Of Three!

We have been buried in seniors from the class of 2015 lately which we love, but a frameable fun fall session with a family of three was a nice change of pace especially at the height of fall colors!  What a fun couple with what Ally would refer to as a squishy yummy little boy named Josh.  Josh gave us great smiles and we had much fun!

We went to one of our go-to spots in a neighborhood close by and the conditions were just right!  There are trees and bridges and just a lot to work with there.  We started with the bridge:

Frameable Fun Fall Session

How cute is the little man?  Cute enough that we moved on to working on some solo shots to give him the spotlight and Ally captured this sweet photo of Josh just being a happy little boy sitting in the leaves…

Frameable Fun Fall Session

Next we looked to get a few more family shots under a tree filled with and surrounded by pretty yellow and orange leaves – it was a great spot which gave us some great results!

Frameable Fun Fall Session

Love the interaction here of the three of them just being a family.  And we have a little of this on our fun behind the scenes vine of the morning!  You’ll see here that when we went back to the house afterwards to try to get a few more with the dogs that Ally got a little surprise…  haha!

As mentioned in the vine this part of the session with the dogs was a bit more challenging but we did get one last family shot on the deck that we’ll share here!

Frameable Fun Fall Session

And there you have it!  Highlights from a Frameable fun fall session with a family of three that we hope you enjoyed!