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Ain’t No Family Like A Detroit Family…

As you know we are big fans of the “D” especially if you happened to read our love letter to Detroit.  What we have here is a family who feels the same way… which makes us fans of them too!  This was a great session!  We love a family who together coordinates a theme for their session and what better theme than the Motor City, Detroit Rock City, Motown, the 313, Hockeytown…. you get the picture.

It was fun having them here – here’s the evidence….

Family PhotoFrameable Faces PhotographyFrameable Faces PhotographyFrameable Faces Photography


Newborn and Family Photos – Meet the L family with new Princess V!

Such major sweetness graced us in the studio a few days ago!  Meet Princess V!

Newborn Photo in parents hands, Frameable Faces Photography
She was 8 days old and all yumminess!!! AND she brought in her two big sisters, too!3 little sisters, Frameable Faces Photography
We were lucky enough to photograph Little Miss L’s newborn photos about 2 years ago – and to say that J and K make some GORGEOUS babies would be a serious understatement!  But then again, look at them!!  I guess that’s what happens when you have a beautiful (and super sweet) Mom and a handsome (and hilarious!) Dad!
Family Photo, Frameable Faces Photography
Sure, it took a little while to get some of these images of V, but it was totally worth it!!!  And Ally got to have her baby fix, too.  Everyone was happy!!!Sleeping baby, Frameable Faces Photography

Check Out The Hook While My DJ Revolves It… and Check Out This Fun Family Session!

Ice Ice Baby….  Ice Ice Baby….  All right STOP!  Collaborate and listen.  Ice is back with my brand new invention.  Something grabs a hold of me tightly.  Flow like a harpoon daily and nightly.  Will it ever stop? Yo – I DON”T KNOW!!!!!!

But that song has been going through our heads here at the studio since our photo session with the G family.  🙂
West Bloomfield Photographer, Frameable Faces Photography, Metro Detroit Photographer
When M, S and their sons walked through the door, we knew we were going to have a phenomenal session.  And fantastic it was!  N wowed Ally with his awesome sauce and his fun sweet hilarious personality, while M was a total ham rapping the little ditty mentioned above all the way through!  The kid has skills!  Jumping, laughing, general silliness….we had it all during their session.  And isn’t that what it’s all about?  Having fun, creating memories and the images that capture them AS THEY’RE HAPPENING!
West Bloomfield Photographer, Metro Detroit Photographer, Frameable Faces PhotographyWest Bloomfield Photographer, Metro Detroit Photographer, Frameable Faces Photography
Thanks for a rockin’ great time, G’s!  Word to your mother……

West Bloomfield Photographer, Family Pictures, Metro Detroit Photographer

The T family’s sneak peak

I love these guys! I’ve known C and C since they were born and they’re like my own kids. When A called me and asked me to photograph her family, I immediately said YES! I love working with her and her amazing husband, J. We always have a blast when we work together.

C is a budding little model and is so darned creative – we were able to take a bunch more of her that aren’t getting posted here…You’ll have to check out the Frameable Faces group on Facebook to see those!! She’s an amazing dancer and is so much fun to be around. Little C is all boy. Completely full of energy and continually makes me laugh…even when he’s “acting up!” I love this image of him…it describes his attitude of our session this time to a “T!” But then, he turns that little frown upside down and is full of sweetness and amazing expressions!

So, that’s it for right now! More to come soon!! Thanks for checking in…

Until next time,