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A Senior Session Takeover Of Detroit With Ian!

We are loving Detroit.  This is the most exciting time for Detroit in our lifetime by a mile.  There is so much going on down there and it’s no accident that we have now done two senior sessions in “The D” this year.  The first one was at the Dequindre Cut, and the second one we present to you here.

Senior Session Takeover of Detroit

Ian came to us with very specific ideas about the type of shoot he wanted.  He wanted to takeover the city and he wanted certain landmarks and a certain style.  These can be the most exciting and rewarding sessions to be sure, because everyone is excited, everyone is planning and preparing and in the end this session was a series of firsts for us.  Ian went straight suit and tie – a formal look with Belle Isle and art deco stalwarts The Guardian and Fisher buildings (both built in 1928 three years before the Empire State Building in New York City) as our backdrops.  Lots of personality and great taste with this guy!

Meanwhile Ian’s mom Susan came with us and she guest hosted some of the Periscope broadcast we did on location which you’ll see below.  So let’s get to the photos shall we?  We started out at Belle Isle which has improved a ton since it was turned into a state park – very clean and a pleasure for hanging out.

Senior Session Takeover

This close up of Ian is at the James Scott Memorial Fountain which was completed in 1925 and it really is a wonder.  It’s really cool to see it running!

Next we were able to capture this cool photo with part of the Detroit skyline in the background!

Senior Session Takeover

Now let’s look at our behind the scenes footage from our day in the D with Ian.  First our fun 6 second looping Vine:

And now the Periscope broadcasts both from Belle Isle and The Guardian Building:

On To The Guardian…

Next we headed over to the Guardian Building.  We were in communication with the building management all week to get the proper documentation for permission to shoot in the lobby and had a scary moment when we arrived and the lady at the front desk said they don’t allow photographing that day, but I knew I had the approval and our contact came down to the lobby to give us the green light.  The lighting certainly posed a challenge and we came prepared with our off camera flash but it still wasn’t easy!  We got some great shots and we’ll share two of them here…

Senior Session Takeover

Just incredible design in there and the colors are awesome!  Now for one more in black and white before we say goodbye…

Senior Session TakeoverLOVE that one.  A fitting end to an amazing day in the D with Ian!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with him!


An EPIC Detroit Session With Emma At The Dequindre Cut!

We’ve been saying for a long time that we love Detroit.  And we’ve been saying for a long time that we love Emma.  So the idea of photographing Emma in Detroit seemed like a winner, and when Emma and her mom Teresa suggested heading down to the Dequindre Cut we got excited.  We had read about it and seen a few photos from various Detroit blogs, but I’m here to tell you that it’s really cool having been there now first hand.

Epic Girl…

Emma is one of our spokesmodels for the class of 2016 so you may remember her spokesmodel session with us earlier in the year.  She’s an incredible dancer and a smart and wonderful young lady – we’ve been proud to have her representing us.  We spent this entire morning in Detroit, complete with a stop after at the Bucharest Grill for the best chicken shawarma in town, but I digress… let’s get to the photos!!!

Epic Detroit Session

We’ll start at the Dequindre Cut and we’ll stay there since we never left!  So much to work with… Epic Detroit Session

Love the color coordination here – Emma becomes part of the mural!

As I mentioned the Dequindre Cut is so cool and we were so excited to be down there shooting, so we captured much of our time there with behind the scenes photos and broadcasts on Periscope!  Let’s take a look – first our fun behind the scenes Vine to give you an idea:

Now here is the three part replay of the live broadcasts we did that morning with Emma’s mom Teresa acting as guest host at times!  She was a real trooper on a hot day after just having shoulder surgery!  It goes for about 37 minutes if you’re inclined to watch, or even if you just want to watch some of it!  Download the Periscope app and follow us here, and in the meantime sit back and enjoy…

Okay let’s get back to a few more photos shall we?

Epic Detroit Session

Love it!

Commissioned graffiti and murals all over the place with people jogging, walking, biking…

Epic Detroit Session

More color matching with Emma’s blue going together with the blue behind her!

We’ll leave you with one more of Emma truly reppin’ the D with the Detroit vs. Everybody shirt!

Epic Detroit Session

So there it is – an EPIC Detroit session indeed with one of our all time faves!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our morning in the D!!!


Doug’s Rant – Facebook Comment Photos, Events! and Glipho – July 20, 2013

It’s that time again….  🙂


Several topics to discuss this time out – please share and give feedback in the comments!

Facebook Makes a Cool Change

Facebook adds photo comments

I discovered this little tidbit on allfacebook.com and I think it could have some pretty big implications for how brands interact with their followers on facebook.  I think the fact that people can join in conversations on a facebook page with photo attachments is very cool.  As you can tell in the above photo by my little avatar I’m logged in as Doug Cohen, I’ve clicked on a photo on Leaf & Berry’s page that we took, and I can include a photo with my comment if I want.  We embrace the popularity of photography at all levels and this could bring new opportunities for our peeps to participate in fun and creative ways by attaching their photos.  Our wheels are turning… stay tuned and let us know how you have seen this used and what ideas you have.

An About Face… To Event Photography!

As you may know in the past if you asked us if we photograph events our answer would be “no” with a few exceptions.  Well that has changed…  Ally and I are still not personally looking to be event photographers – we have our obligations as parents on the weekends for starters.  However, our fantastic second photographer Angela Bell has proven to be fabulous with events!  We tested her out on some informal affairs such as out-of-towner dinners and engagement parties and she did really well.  Then she stepped up to a couple bar/bat mitzvahs and she really blew us away!  More on this to come but suffice it to say Frameable Faces is indeed now in the event business and we are excited!

Glipho – Another Cool Social Network

I signed up for a Glipho account and you can follow me here.  What is Glipho you ask?  It’s a social blogging site – a cool way to pull content in from multiple platforms (instagram, twitter, blogger, WordPress etc.) into a very simple blog interface.  You can blog on Glipho, make friends, follow and like other blogs and interact with people.  I’ve chosen to use it as an outlet for myself as me – Doug, as opposed to another branded Frameable Faces page.  Yes I will be posting some FF blog posts there and hopefully bringing more attention and readers back to this blog, but I like to dabble in other topics like music, food, and football and I guest blog elsewhere so I like the idea of this being an outlet for my “personal brand” so to speak.  Do you “Gliph”?  Let me know if you do!

Quick Hits

  • A photo definitely made huge news this week with Rolling Stone putting a photo of the surviving Boston Marathon bomber on the cover.  Let’s just say this sparked a LOT of controversy and debate as you probably know….
  • Detroit made huge news this week with the bankruptcy announcement – I wrote a love letter to “The D” a while back that warrants a repeat link here….
  • Scott Bourne has written another buying guide – this time for camera lenses.  Anytime he shares this type of info it’s worth bookmarking.

Love For Boston and All Of Our Cities

This post is not about professional photography or social media, or running a small business, but I feel it’s appropriate.  We capture images here – that’s what we do day in and day out, and most of what we do is a celebration of life and relationships.  After the horrific images that came from the Boston Marathon a couple days ago I got to thinking about that city, the resilience it is showing and how important our cities are.  I haven’t been to Boston but I still have some thoughts that I just wanted to put out there – thoughts on our cities in general with Boston as a backdrop.  We are all thinking about Boston now like we all thought about New York, D.C. and flight 93 after 9/11, and like we all thought about New Orleans after Katrina and any of the other tragedies that have touched us all.  As Americans we wrap our arms around a city that has been hurt and we feel for those who were injured and grieve for those who died.

Boston Marathon

Love for Boston

We have never been to Boston as I said so we can’t rave about it first hand, but we are aware of what an awesome city it is.  It is definitely on our list of places to visit someday.  It has been noted and emphasized that many people – first responders and ordinary citizens alike rushed in to help after the bombs went off by the finish line on Monday.  Locals were helping out-of-towners who may have been trying to connect with family members amid the confusion.  Boston, just as other cities have, has given us yet another great example to follow…

Love for other cities

I hope by saying this I’m not minimizing the tragedy since that’s not my intent, but I think we should take this opportunity to remind ourselves that we should love all our cities, and subsequently (as cheesy as it may sound), each other.  We should reinforce the sense of community that our cities give us – a mass of humanity all functioning together in a huge and complex living breathing machine.  A gigantic display of life and relationships.  This might be obvious but when you visit a city take the time to enjoy what is unique about that city – if you go to Philly for example eat a cheesesteak sandwich (even if it’s a veggie version) and check out the history – the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall…  Take photos of the skyline.  Soak it in.  Take the time to strike up conversations with strangers and let them know you are visiting their city and how much you love it.

Love for your own city

Over our Spring Break a couple weeks ago we did not go out of town.  We stayed home and worked that week, but we did take one day to do a Detroit “staycation” day where we ate breakfast at Toast in Ferndale, went to the Detroit Historical Museum, drove around Belle Isle, took in an iMax movie in Dearborn, ate dinner at Slow’s BBQ in Corktown, and finished up with dessert back in Ferndale at Treat Dreams.  A celebration of Detroit food and history.  We love Detroit.

It’s easy to love our snow peaked mountains, our national parks and our beaches with their natural beauty, but in times like these let’s be thankful for our mighty cities too.  Let’s work together to make them great.  Here are a few (amateur) snapshots from some past visits to other cities…

Philadelphia - Independence Hall

Independence Hall in Philadelphia – 1989

Washington D.C.

I always thought this shot I took in 1986 of the Washington Monument was cool…

Doug and Ally at the Chicago "Bean"

Snapping our reflection in Cloud Gate – the Chicago “Bean”

Family snapshot from the Empire State Building

Family snapshot from the top of the Empire State Building – New York City 2010

Boston is wounded, but Boston is tough and Boston will get through this senseless act.  Boston, the rest of the country is sending their thoughts and wishes your way.  I know we certainly are, and we will be adding pictures of your resilient and beautiful city to our collection someday when we come to eat your food, learn your history, and meet your people.


Dear Detroit, You Are Awesome. Love, Frameable Faces

Dear Detroit You Are Awesome

Image courtesy of www.DetroitApparelFactory.com

We have traveled all around the country and there are a lot of cities we love.  My family is originally from New York and I love it there.  I love the big city and it really is an incredible place – endless things to do, see and eat.  We love Chicago – we have close friends there and it’s a short drive – a ton to do there too.  We love D.C. with its monuments and history.  Atlanta and Philly are great cities.  San Fran and L.A. are amazing.  Dallas is very cool and so is Cleveland.  Cincinnati is great – awesome chili, ice cream and ribs.  We love Virginia Beach and we have family there.  We also love South Florida and we have family and friends there all over – all the way down to the Keys – stone crab and key lime pie!  We like Nashville, Houston, Tampa, Oklahoma City, Santa Fe, Jacksonville, Columbus, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Vegas, San Antonio and Atlantic City.  We appreciate the smaller cities and college campuses we’ve visited like Madison, Dayton, State College, Hattiesburg, Cedar Rapids, Pensacola, Oxford, Syracuse, Vail, Taos, Morgantown, Annapolis, Richmond, the list goes on…

We love our National Parks.  We love visiting battlefields, President’s homes, mountains and sand dunes.  We love Skyline Drive, the Rockies, and the Natchez Trace.  We want to explore the Northeast, the West and the Northwest.  We have not yet been to Mount Rushmore, The Badlands, Big Sur, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon or Hawaii.  We have much more we want to see.

Dear Detroit You Are Awesome…


Here’s the thing.  As wonderful and awesome as all those places are, we still love Detroit and the surrounding Metro area the most.  Why is that?  It’s not easy to explain to those who don’t live here.  There are plenty of specific things we love of course.  The food is fantastic – Lafayette Coney Island, Mexican Town and Greektown, the best Middle Eastern food, plenty of good Indian and deli, some great chop houses, amazing breakfast options all over the suburbs in West Bloomfield, Birmingham, Royal Oak, and Ferndale, Polish food in Hamtramck – and on and on.  Lots of cool places to hang out as well in the aforementioned towns.  Lots of diversity.  There are world class museums in Detroit and there is a music history here like few other places on Earth.  Of course there is also an awesome sports tradition here.  Ann Arbor is pretty close as well, an incredible college town.Detroit skyline

On paper does Detroit stack up to the other cities?  That really isn’t the point.  The point is Detroit is where we’re from.  Detroit is where we have our studio Frameable Faces Photography (West Bloomfield to be exact).  Detroit is an underdog.  Detroit has been kicked and punched and Detroit has punched back.  Detroit rocks.  Detroit is home.  So Detroit, WE LOVE YOU AND WE ARE NOT LEAVING YOU.


Doug and Ally Cohen

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