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Lily Leads The Way For Our Class of 2017 Spokesmodels!

Lily leads the way for the spokesmodels of the class of 2017 with these highlights from her session and we are thrilled about it!  It’s that time of year again where we start to introduce the young peeps who will represent our studio for the upcoming class of seniors for the school year of 2016-17!  This is such a fun time for us as we put together our new team, build relationships with new friends, have amazing photo sessions and present these awesome guys and gals to you!

Lily Leads…

Lily will be a senior in the fall at Bloomfield Hills High School and she’s a really talented dancer!  She is also a friend of our daughter Lacey (also a spokesmodel) so we got the “seal of approval” on Lily….  haha!  We definitely fell for her the first time we met her – actually Ally met her before I did at a Starbucks when she was with Lacey and Ally raved about her.  Her mom Amy is a delight as well – she joined us on this session and we had a ton of fun!  We’ll start in the studio with a brand new backdrop that we got from Ambrelee Taylor at Peek A Boutique Design Co.  We actually met Ambrelee on Periscope (more on Periscope in a bit) and this is the Hollis backdrop:

Lily Leads

How adorable is she?  We love kicking off the new class with Lily!  The rest of the photos we’ll share for now are all on location at a graffiti wall and then at Heritage Park in Farmington Hills.  First the graffiti:

Lily Leads

We’ve always been a fan of that look!

Before we head on location we will continue as we did last year with our behind the scenes fun, first on Vine for your 6 second looping pleasure:

Next we have the replays of our live Periscope broadcasts from our day on our YouTube channel.  If you download Periscope you can tune in live at @frameablefaces, join in the fun and get some ideas for your own sessions at this link!

Periscope was the app of the year in the Apple Store for 2015 and it’s owned by twitter – you can join our worldwide audience in our broadcasts and you can comment along and be part of the show!  Here is the broadcast from the studio:

And here is the broadcast from on location:

Lily Leads us to Heritage Park

We had a perfect day for our location – mild as can be!

Lily Leads

And we’ll leave you with one more for now… we love hats and headbands – accessories make for some fantastic photos!

Lily Leads

Gorgeous!  If Lily’s photos are any indication, we are going to have an amazing class of seniors this year!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from our day with her and we hope you’ll come along for the ride!

Looking For A Winning Senior Session? It’s Naiel By A Mile!

Naiel is a great kid – another in a long line of them from the class of 2016.  It’s been a great year for our seniors and this session was another winner!  It’s really nice to see a senior guy have such a great relationship with his mom too – Hina joined us on the session and what a pleasure she is!  This was a Saturday morning session which we like to start on location when the lighting is better outside, so we met them at Heritage Park to begin the fun.


Hehe…  yes we won that day – big time!  Awesome time and awesome session.  Naiel is a handsome dude and he did a great job.  Let’s get to a few of the highlights!  First we have a pretty cool relaxed pose against a tree that we really like:


I really like that one with Naiel looking off camera…

Next we have a spot we found that we never used before at Heritage Park which going forward will be known as “Naiel’s Spot” since that’s how we roll here at Frameable Faces.


Before we head back for the studio photos let’s take a look at our behind the scenes action from our day.  First as we usually do we have our 6 second vine for your looping pleasure:

Next we have the Katch.me replays of our live Periscope broadcasts which were a lot of fun as you’ll see.  If you still have not downloaded Periscope for your mobile device you can do so and follow us at @frameablefaces here.

First the location broadcast:

And now the studio broadcast!

Naiel By A Mile…

Let’s cross the finish line back in the studio on the black backdrop!  First with a more formal shot – the guy has style!


And lastly this sitting photo a little closer up…


And so it was – a real winner of a session with Naiel!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights of our morning with him!


Hanging Out In The City With Cool Kid Cooper!

Cooper is a cool dude.  He’s got a laid back yet confident style and he’s a good kid.  We really enjoyed hanging out with him, and as has been the case often this year it was a little surreal for me because I used to work with his mom Carolyn way back in a former former former life for me – my first job out of college!  I’ve always liked Carolyn and it was a lot of fun to have her at the studio with her son!

Cool Kid Cooper…

Meanwhile it wasn’t a surprise to me that we really liked this guy.  He brought his pup to Pontiac for a couple of shots which was a lot of fun and actually a first for us – we’ve photographed many pets but never on location in an urban setting so that was really cool!  So let’s get to some of the photos…!

We really only did the yearbook headshot in the studio so let’s stick to the city shots – first with Cooper and his pup Tucker!

Cool Kid Cooper

Tucker smiled for the camera!

Before we look at the rest of the sneak peeks let’s see our behind the scenes footage of our day in Pontiac.  First with our six second looping Vine:

Next we have the replay of our Periscope live broadcast which is posted on our YouTube channel – you can download the Periscope app and follow us there at this link:

Okay back to the photos!  Let’s look at a few of this cool kid by himself!

Cool Kid Cooper

Those colors are awesome and Cooper is a stud!  Now let’s take a closer look at our guy…

Cool Kid Cooper

And one more on a spot we’ve only recently discovered – lots of nooks and crannies in Pontiac like this one…

Cool Kid Cooper

Awesome huh?  We really like Cooper and we had a great time on this session!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day!



Tori Had A “Purple Reign” On Her Senior Session!

A high school senior who goes retro on the music for their session is a senior after our own hearts, and when Tori told us she liked Prince we were excited – we love jamming to Prince!  Besides Prince goes with purple which we already had in the game plan with our new purple backdrop.  Plus Tori’s school colors include purple and she really owned her session, so yeah – you could say Tori had a Purple Reign!

Tori came in with her mom and both of them are so nice – not to mention her grandma stopped by as well!  We were actually impressed with Tori from our first meeting when she told us her plans for college and postgraduate study – she’s a girl on a mission and she has a great game plan.

So let’s get to her pictures shall we?  We started out on the white background with Tori in her cheer uniform – love this!  Blackhawk spirit!

Purple Reign

Next let’s get to a couple on the black backdrop – love the ‘tude in these next couple photos starting with the hoodie.  A little “fierce” and a lot beautiful – so cool!

Purple Reign

I mentioned in the last blog post that the next two sessions will be one all indoors and one all outdoors.  An all studio or all location session is a nice change of pace and allows us as in this case with Tori to fully explore our studio options.  As I said earlier Tori owned this session and she really had it going at this point…

Purple Reign

Here’s our fun behind the scenes vine of the session…

Lastly we moved to the purple backdrop which we are really in love with and it really worked for Tori as you will see in this last photo!

Purple Reign

And that concludes our highlights of Tori’s purple reign!  We hope you enjoyed them!

We Are Unabashedly And Openly Admiring Alayna!

We are unabashedly and openly admiring Alayna and we don’t care if we embarrass her a little by saying so!  This girl is unassuming and modest, but she is beautiful and she has a cool style all her own.  After moving away for a while she came back to Michigan to finish her senior year and we are happy she did!  Her grandmother joined us on her session and what a cool grandma!  Our day with them was really just a total pleasure.

Okay so let’s get to the photos.  We started in the studio on the black background and we love Alayna in the grungy look with the ripped jeans, sneakers and flannel style shirt!

openly admiring alayna

We grabbed a few other photos on the black background before we headed out on location and here is a nice close up of Alayna’s lovely smile!

openly admiring alayna

Next it was time to head out on location and the fall colors were still at their peak on the day we spent together – this year it really seemed like we had an extended window with the colors over previous years.

We love everything about this next image – the fall orange behind her, the breeze slightly blowing her hair, the jacket, her eyes – all of it!

openly admiring alayna

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of our session!

Next we moved across the street from the nature preserve where we were shooting to a different park in order to use one of our favorite bridges.  There we produced this photo that we will leave you with…

openly admiring alayna

All in all we had a great day and enjoyed hanging out with Alayna and her grandma!  You can see why we are “openly admiring” her and we hope you enjoyed the highlights from her session!  🙂


A Sunny Sensational Senior Morning With Sid!

We definitely had a sunny sensational senior morning with Sid!  What an impressive, smart and engaging young man!  Sid is a busy guy with tennis and school and it took us a while to get a day that worked for all of us, but we finally made it work and our conditions were sunny and sensational – even if it was a little chilly out!  Like 30 degrees chilly!

We started on location on some trails and got this shot first against the tree…

Sunny Sensational Senior

You can see that we had some great backlight to work with there!  There were also some nice fall colors around which we see in the leaves surrounding Sid in this next spot.  We went to a different location on another trail where we came across a nice flat rock and we had been chatting about how when we find a new spot with a senior we name it for them.  That’s when Sid chimed in saying “Hey it’s Sid’s Slab!!!”  We love it!  Here is a shot of Sid on Sid’s Slab!  Haha!

Sunny Sensational Senior

Next we’ll share our fun behind the scenes vine of our morning…

Next it was time to head back to the studio for some photos indoors (and to warm up a little).  Here we started with the grey background which we really like for formal shots in suits and ties.  Sid nailed it and Ally always says she loves when the guys wear pink…

Sunny Sensational Senior

Lastly we broke out the black background which we are always fond of for this one:

Sunny Sensational Senior

Great times!  We look forward to big things from Sid and we had a sensational sunny morning with him on this session!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from our day!

Rachel Was Resplendent On Her Senior Session!

Rachel was resplendent on her senior photo session on location, in the studio, with her hair curly and straight!  Her session had it all and why not?  This girl has it all.  She’s got the looks, brains, personality, a great family and a great future!  We were proud to have her represent our studio this year as a spokesmodel and we were looking forward to photographing her again since her spokesmodel session was so great!

Rachel was torn between having her hair curly which is how it is naturally or wearing it straight which is what we did for the spokesmodel session, so we decided to do a little of both.  Her mom joined us and we had a blast!  We started outside on location with the curls where the fall leaves were all around…


Really pretty lighting here and as I said before – Rachel looks resplendent!

Meanwhile we had another “wildlife adventure” on this shoot as a snake decided to join us making Rachel scream which pretty much made me scream… kind of a chain reaction…

Ally was able to grab a photo of our little friend…

SNAKENext we moved over to a pavilion in the nature preserve that has several elements that we like to photograph with our seniors, but while we have noticed this mural in the next photo before, we never used it!  We’re not sure why we hadn’t but we’ll call it “Rachel’s Mural” from now on and we think it made for a really nice backdrop!


Here is our fun little behind the scenes vine of the day!

Next it was time to head back to the studio and Rachel went down the hall to get her hair straightened for the second half of the session where we focused mainly on the black background.  The black always has a nice dramatic look to it:


Straight-haired Rachel looks just as good as curly-haired Rachel!  And let’s look at one more on the black…


So that’ll do it!  We hope you liked these highlights from Rachel’s session in all of her resplendence!  We certainly enjoyed spending another day with her!

Admiring Annabel Always!

We’ll be admiring Annabel always.  We always have and we always will!  We photographed Annabel with her dad and brother (her brother Harry is featured in this class of 2013 post with the flaming baseball bat) right when we opened our studio and we were impressed with her from the first moment we met her.  We had her pegged as someone we hoped would represent our studio someday as a senior early on, and meanwhile as we said in the post for her spokesmodel session she’s been “spokesmodeling” for us for years really… Giving us the rundown on who’s who and recommending seniors.  It’s not a total stretch to say Annabel has helped shape the direction of the studio – the girl knows everyone and she has given us great insights over the years!  We’re literally not sure what we are going to do without her when she goes away to college.

As for her senior photo session this is now the 4th time Ally has photographed Annabel since we opened and it was a bit surreal and very special.  Her dad came along and we had a lot of fun as we always do!

Admiring Annabel

We went to a familiar location but we photographed some of our favorite spots there in new ways with new angles, and then we found a couple spots that we hadn’t used before as well.  Pulling back on the crop for a full length on the dock is pretty cool and Annabel’s outfit is really cute in the shot above!  She looks fantastic!

We were able to take advantage of the pop of Michigan fall colors in this next close up – love it!

Admiring Annabel

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the day:

Next we headed down to one of the bridges in the park for this shot that we’re not quite sure we’ve done before and we’re not sure why – it really worked.  Not to mention that dress with those shoes…!

Admiring Annabel

Lastly we went to downtown Birmingham for some cityscapes and we went to the top of one of the parking structures which we hadn’t done in a while either and as the sun was getting low in the sky the angle of the light along with a little breeze produced this stunning shot!

Admiring Annabel

So there you have it!  We can’t wait to see what big things are in store for Annabel – we are proud to call her our friend and as I said before we will be admiring Annabel always!

Our Delightful Day With Danielle!

Our delightful day with Danielle was one we will always remember for sure.  To begin with Ally and Danielle’s mom go back to their college days where they had classes together at Michigan State, so this was a little surreal for both of them.  It was particularly cute because the whole scene was making Danielle’s mom a little emotional – it was a special time for her to see her little girl all grown up and having her senior pictures taken.

As for the girl – Danielle is such a sweetheart that we fell for her right away.  This seems to be a recurring theme lately as we’ve had some fantastic kids this year, and Danielle really impressed us as we talked about her plans for the future and we just really enjoyed our time together.  She’s just, well, delightful!

Delightful Day

It didn’t hurt that we had the combination going of such a beautiful girl with such a beautiful day!  It really was perfect.  We started out on location and headed out onto some trails where we had great lighting and great colors.

Delightful Day

She’s adorable!

Next let’s take a look at our fun behind the scenes vine of the morning where Danielle’s mom was providing the soundtrack from her iPhone when we were on location, and providing the encouragement when we were in studio!  Haha!

Okay one more photo outside and the backlight on her hair on this one really helps make the photo – love it!

Delightful Day

At this point it was time to head back to the studio to get some photos indoors, and we are highlighting this one on the red background that really worked – you could see us working with the red in the vine.  We love when our seniors pick red as one of their selections!

Delightful Day

So we hope you enjoyed these highlights from our delightful day with Danielle!  We were certainly delighted to share them with you!




Photographic Greatness With Garrett!

Photographic greatness with Garrett was the deal on this perfect sunny fall day.  This senior knows how to pose, how to dress and how to have a good time, and the results are just awesome.  We’ve known Garrett for a couple years ever since he ended up hanging out with us at our Team Frameable Faces tent at the West Bloomfield Relay For Life a couple years ago.  We have been talking a lot over the last several posts about the exploring we have done on quite a few sessions lately, and Garrett led us to an “unauthorized” trail in the park to a stream deep in the woods that we didn’t know existed.  So cool!

We’ll get to that spot in a minute, but first let’s start like we did with Garrett – in the studio for a formal shot against our metallic silver background.  This one turned out really really cool – like right out of a magazine…

Greatness With Garrett

Now we’ll turn our attention to our location photos!  As with many of the recent seniors the fall colors were in full effect for Garrett and we’ll have more sessions to show you yet with the colors going forward.  Take a look at this one…!

Greatness With Garrett

Fantastic.  Let’s take a quick look at our fun behind the scenes vine of the day, including Ally commanding Garrett to “be mean”, as well as Garrett sitting on a log over the hidden stream – he walked across on that log which made both Ally and I pretty darn nervous…!

This next photo just seemed to scream black and white so here it is… Very dramatic looking of Garrett here.

Greatness With Garrett

Last but not least Ally loves this next one because she loves when guys wear pink!

Greatness With Garrett

So there it is – this was a top notch session – photographic greatness with Garrett indeed. We hope you enjoyed these photos from our day with him!