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Four P’s Of Rachel – Purple, Pointe, Plants, Perfection!

Rachel is fast becoming a “Frameable Faces Legend” for several reasons…  First of all she was the first spokesmodel we brought on board for the class of 2016, so that’s a nice distinction in itself.  But she also has been a pioneer of sorts here with a chair AND now a wall named for her.  Anytime a senior tries something new for us it gets named for them, so Rachel will long be remembered here.  Plus she comes by and hangs out from time to time.  Suffice it to say we love this girl…

Four P’s Of Rachel

Rachel’s spokesmodel session was entirely indoors back in January so we were excited to get out on location for her senior session and for this session we covered “four P’s” which wasn’t by design per se, it just worked out that way.  And what a session!  Rachel’s mom Sue joined us and much fun was had.  So let’s get to our four p’s shall we?


We started out in the studio on the purple background which we have had a lot of fun with this year.  It’s a great color for this girl!


Now before we get to the other P’s let’s look first at our fun behind the scenes vine of our day:

We also broadcast portions of the session live on Periscope in the studio and on location and the broadcasts were a lot of fun – here are both segments back to back in this YouTube video including the “bee incident” where Ally caught a bee in the frame right by Rachel’s face!  The bee incident happens at the 11 minute mark and we got a little chuckle out of that.  Download the app here and follow us at @frameablefaces!

Now let’s head out to the location portion of the session first with this stunning photo of Rachel leaning against a tree:


Love that shot!


The next photo comes from a series of Rachel with “Rachel’s chair” and it’s on pointe in more ways than one.  Another one of the P’s!



This is Rachel’s wall – we didn’t know it existed – she found it ahead of her session and led us there.  It’s covered in vines so there are your plants!



So there you have it – the fourth “P” is perfection which describes the whole day!  We had an awesome time photographing Rachel again and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of her session!



We Love Twin Sister Seniors! Part 2: Lindsay’s Turn!

Today as promised we bring you “part 2” of our twin sister seniors!  Yesterday we focused mainly on Nikki’s photos, and now today it’s Lindsay’s turn!

The weather forecast had us a little nervous for a while when it looked like it might be wet that morning, but it stayed dry for us and while it was a bit chilly you may have noticed yesterday that the lighting was just fine!  We were all together for the whole session so some of the locations are the same, but we also switched up a few things as well.  We’ll start in the studio again for Lindsay but with the white background this time…

twin sister seniors

Ally is a big fan of the monochromatic approach of the white on white (like the photo of Lindsay above) or black on black – with proper lighting it is a really nice look!

Now we’ll head outside where we started on our newfound trail – “The Ishbia Trail” – for this pretty photo of Lindsay surrounded by the fall colors of this tree where the shades of orange are perfect for her outfit!

twin sister seniors

Here is the fun behind the scenes vine of Lindsay’s photos!

Next we moved to the bridge at a different location that we highlighted yesterday in Nikki’s post.  Let’s start with a fun photo of the girls together:

twin sister seniors

And while we’re at it how about a “bonus” behind the scenes vine of the two of them!

Okay now back to Lindsay for some more cuteness at the bridge!

twin sister seniors

And let’s finish with one more…

twin sister seniors

Adorable!  What a great day we had with these girls.  We hope you have enjoyed our two-part celebration of their session!  We certainly did!

Excellence In Senior Photos With Eli!

We now bring you excellence in senior photos with Eli!  At around the time of Eli’s session we were having a little run on guys (you may have seen Noah’s session last if you follow this blog) after photographing a bunch of senior girls in a row.  We were excited to photograph Eli because we knew him and had photographed him before in family photos as well as his sister for her senior pictures a couple years ago.  Eli’s mom came along for the ride and the results speak for themselves – and yeah, you might say they represent excellence in senior photos!

We started in the studio where we honed in on our grey background.  We have had a lot of success with guys on grey – not sure we can put our finger on why but the combination looks fantastic especially with the formal GQ look like this:

Excellence in senior photos

Cool huh?  Eli just completely nailed it.  Next we shifted gears and “served up” this next shot…

Excellence in senior photos

See what I did there?  We “served up” that photo!!!  Hehe…

Okay next it was time to head out on location, and we returned to Heritage Park which is continuing to be a great spot for us this year!

Let’s start with the barn shot.  This is such a cool barn and we noticed this time the plaque on the barn indicates that it was built in the nineteenth century!

Excellence in senior photos

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the afternoon where there was some great “smizing” going on:

… and we will leave you with one more shot with the stone wall as our background.

Excellence in senior photos

So there you have it – excellence all around with Eli!  We had fun with him – a fine young man in every respect!

A Pretty Morning With Lauren!

A pretty morning with Lauren was a great way to start the day, and in fact it was a unique day in that we photographed a Lauren in the morning and another Lauren in the afternoon!  That has happened once before in Frameable Faces history that we know of.  Meanwhile our “morning Lauren” was a younger sibling of a past Frameable Faces senior which is always special for us, and that is the session we are highlighting here!

We started out on location for this session as we typically do in the morning so that if it’s sunny we can capture photos with the sun lower in the sky.  The conditions were perfect after what had been looking like a potentially shaky forecast which was a good sign that luck would be on our side this day.

Morning With Lauren

Love the effect of the lily pads in the background on the one above!

Here are a few more from the location portion of the shoot.  Love the pop of color on Lauren’s dress against all the natural green around…!

Morning With Lauren

And those eyes!  🙂

Morning With Lauren

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the morning!

Kevin’s Time

Mother Nature was our friend on this day for sure – we had this session with Kevin scheduled for the morning and when we woke up there was a steady rain outside…

So we started in the studio and worked the water polo angle since Kevin is the captain of his team – for those of you who may not know much about water polo it’s a tough sport – personally I may have played football but I’ve got mad respect for anyone who can handle hand to hand combat, skill and finesse at the same time in a pool!  Talk about needing to be in shape…

High School Senior Portrait

Meanwhile the weather magically cleared up and we headed out.  We got some great shots outside after all so it really was Kevin’s time!  Enjoy!

High School Senior PortraitHigh School Senior PortraitFrameable Faces Senior Portrait

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Your Advantage…… as a Person!

At Frameable Faces we spend a lot of time on social media and facebook in particular.  Sure it’s primarily how we market our business and I personally spend a ton of time on the various platforms because I consult on on the side, but it also dominates much of the conversation with our clients in general because we post sneak peaks and/or video clips from the sessions on facebook, this blog, YouTube, even Google + a little, and we tweet as well so it’s just naturally a popular topic.  We also pin, use LinkedIn (although frankly we have a ways to go on LinkedIn as a brand) and a few of the others.  Social Media, 5 Ways to Use Social MediaBased on my own observations I’m not sure the typical casual end user knows where to go for help to get more out of social media for themselves.  The social media “gurus” focus much of their content on how brands can build and engage with their peeps, but who is helping the customers to get the most out of social media?  People still seem to get frustrated with facebook or don’t quite get twitter for example.  So while this is by no means a comprehensive list I thought I’d provide a few of my own tips to help you manage and benefit from the information available on social media platforms.

1.  “Like” and more importantly interact with your favorite brands on facebook.  More and more companies are dedicating resources to maintaining a presence on facebook and interacting with their customers there.  The company website will have information sure, but you can usually interact with your favorite store, restaurant or TV show in daily discussions if you like on facebook.  Keep in mind that hitting the “like” button, adding a comment to the conversation or even sharing something you find really worthwhile with your facebook friends will help ensure that future posts from that brand continue to show up prominently in your news feed.  This is why the interact part is so key.  Plus by liking, commenting and sharing you are putting your own stamp of approval on things that are important to you for others to see (which is one of the social aspects of social media).  So as you can see you can essentially craft your own personal flow of the information you care about on facebook.

2.  The “unsubscribe” button is your friend.  If that annoying acquaintance from high school finds you and insists on telling the world that it’s cold outside every time it’s, uh….well…. cold outside, or that they didn’t sleep well, or who you should vote for, you can just hover over their status update and unsubscribe from their updates.  This goes for all of your settings when it comes to customizing your content and your privacy.  I still hear a lot of people say they don’t want to be on facebook or don’t like facebook because they don’t want people to know a bunch of information about them, they don’t want to be in contact with a bunch of people from high school they don’t care about, or they don’t care what people ate for breakfast.  Facebook has evolved a lot over the last couple of years and you don’t have to share anything you don’t want to share, you can select who sees what, and you can unsubscribe from annoying status updates without potentially hurting someone’s feelings by de-friending them.  These are all easy and intuitive tools and if you don’t understand them then ask someone who does.  It’s very easy to tailor facebook to your interests so that it becomes a valuable source of information while still filtering all the noise.

3.  Follow your favorite brands, news outlets, blogs and teams on twitter.  If facebook can function as a good flow of information and interaction with friends and brands, twitter can positively be your personal AP wire.  I remember when the first smartphones came out and were shortly followed by sports scores apps where you could pick the teams you cared about to get updated scores.  Cool right?  Except they never worked, you had to launch the app to get the updates and then they were barely ever updated.  Now many sports teams will tweet frequent updates during a game beyond just the score, including stats and even brief mentions about how rowdy the crowd is or if the momentum has shifted.  If you want to follow the Detroit News you’ll get breaking news throughout the day.  If you follow local blogs you can get updates on what’s happening around town.  If you follow your favorite brands you can get updates on their products and content related to those products.  You can tweet and retweet as well and build relationships but you don’t necessarily have to to get a lot out of twitter.

4.  Make use of lists on twitter.  If you start to really dig twitter and find that it’s a great way to stay up to speed on the things you like you may start to find that following too many tweets becomes a little overwhelming.  Unlike facebook where your interaction and/or unsubscribing can help shape your news feed, on twitter you are either following or unfollowing a tweeter and that’s pretty much it.  You might miss some tweets you may have cared more about because they quickly made their way down the wire behind a slew of other tweets from all the tweeters you are following.  That’s where the use of lists can come in handy.  You can create lists within twitter and name them by category, slot all the different feeds into the categories and then view the feed for each category.  Some of our lists (most of which I’ve left as publicly viewable if you’re interested – you can even subscribe to them) are “Social Media focused”, “Local Detroit / Michigan”, “Photography” and “Bloggers”.

5.  Have fun and be smart about it.  This is general advice but people often talk about how each new platform is just a new “time suck” – a way to keep themselves from being less productive.  Pinterest for example can certainly be that way, but if you think about it as the virtual pinboard that it was designed to be then it can be useful – as if you were pinning things up on a board in your kitchen for use later.  YouTube?  Subscribe to the official channels of brands, people, teams, things that are of interest to you instead of just aimlessly searching for the new fun popular videos.

What are your favorite tips?  Now it’s your turn to interact – remember?

And we’re OFF!!!!

I am beyond excited to be heading down to Nashville for the Imaging USA conference for photographers. This conference is full of information, new products, great ideas, etc. I’m so looking forward to going! Plus, I get to spend some time with a bunch of other photographers to talk about what’s working and what’s not in their studios.

I’m planning on taking copious notes, learning a ton of stuff and coming back to the studio on Thursday refreshed, refocused and ready to work to make 2010 the best year ever!

Make sure you check in to our YouTube channel for updates from the convention. Get to meet some of our vendors, see a bit of what it’s like to be on the floor of one of the coolest venues in the photographic world!

When we get back on Thursday, I promise to post a bunch of images that I’ve been sorely lacking in posting! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! The downside of being so busy! 🙂

Until next time,

Two of my newest favorites

Meet A and K. These two came in to the studio and we just had a ball! We took some video of our session together so we do have DOCUMENTED proof of how much fun we had. A couldn’t be a sweeter little boy. He was so relaxed and calm – a perfect little gentleman. Plus, just look at his amazing eyes. Seriously, could this kid look even more like an angel? My gosh!!!

Then we have K. She was a little ham! This little girl knows what she wants and thankfully, she was spot on! She is totally an inspiring fashionista! The red bow went with the red petti, the light one went with the green rainbow one…LOVED every minute of it! The image of her by herself was just an adorable silly K moment. I loved how she’d pulled that petticoat all the way up to her armpits!

Plus, I’m a total sucker for great big brown doe eyes. K was rockin’ those. They were so big and full – like little pools!

These guys came in for a Christmas card session – I think mom is going to have a hard time choosing one for their card. There are so many to select from. I guess that’s the punishment for having such cute kids!

Until next time,

Sweet baby “C”

I got a call from L asking about newborn images of her new daughter C. I happen to LOVE working with newborns! Since newborns are only “new” for so long, I have to work them in where I can. And I was so happy to be able to do it, too!! Now, newborns take a lot of time to work with. And princess C was no exception. We needed to have her with a full belly and really warm. It took a bit of time, but we finally did it!!!

You can totally tell how much she loves her Daddy and how much she loves snuggling in to her mommy too. It’s so nice to see families that are so in love with each other. Kind of gives you that warm fuzzy feeling, ya know?

We were even able to get a few shots in with C’s big brother R, but those are reserved for the family first! I’ll post those soon enough to the Frameable Faces group on Facebook.

So, in a quickie nutshell, I loved loved LOVED working with C. She’s a total sweetheart and I totally enjoyed the time we spent together. She was a total love and let me hold her and squish on her for like 4 hours. It almost made me want another baby! Almost!!!

Until next time,