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Bring On The Little Brother!

We have had the immense pleasure of photographing one particular little girl who is super cute, super smart and full of personality since she was still in utero, and now we introduce to you (actually as you’ll see below she is helping to introduce to you) her newborn baby brother! She was so well behaved for this session, she did a fantastic job with her new brother, and she was so excited!


This was such a fun session, and meanwhile just look at all of that blond hair on the little man!  He slept for much of the session which is very helpful for newborns – he was only 9 days old!  Enjoy!

Newborn babynewborn baby

Newborn and Family Photos – Meet the L family with new Princess V!

Such major sweetness graced us in the studio a few days ago!  Meet Princess V!

Newborn Photo in parents hands, Frameable Faces Photography
She was 8 days old and all yumminess!!! AND she brought in her two big sisters, too!3 little sisters, Frameable Faces Photography
We were lucky enough to photograph Little Miss L’s newborn photos about 2 years ago – and to say that J and K make some GORGEOUS babies would be a serious understatement!  But then again, look at them!!  I guess that’s what happens when you have a beautiful (and super sweet) Mom and a handsome (and hilarious!) Dad!
Family Photo, Frameable Faces Photography
Sure, it took a little while to get some of these images of V, but it was totally worth it!!!  And Ally got to have her baby fix, too.  Everyone was happy!!!Sleeping baby, Frameable Faces Photography

A Newborn Addition to a Lovely Family!

Family Photography, Frameable Faces Photography, Metro Detroit Photographer

You should’ve heard the excitement when we got the call to photograph this sweet newborn!  10 days old at the session and she was pure sugar!  Sweet, smushy and very cuddly!

Baby “S” came into the studio with her her dashingly handsome dad, her exquisite mom and her adorable big brother.   Put them together and what a beautiful family!!!  We had to so some coaxing to get these amazing smiles from big brother, L, but when we “popped” the flash, we got some fabulous smiles out of that little boy!   Don’t you just want to jump right into that photo and just squeeze his little face?!?!
After we captured the newest family photos, little Miss S got her very own turn in the spotlight.  What a little love she was!  She let us change her clothes, move her around and barely woke up for it.  There’s just something some amazing and wondrous about a sleeping newborn baby.  Little lips, little nose, little finger and little toes.   Ally was swooning!!!!
It’s families like this that make our job not really a job.  We are so lucky and so blessed!

Newborn Photography, Frameable Faces Photography, West Bloomfield Photographer

What a sweet little angel!

On Saturday, I got to work with such a pretty little girl. Baby S was so good in the studio. She pretty much let me do whatever I wanted and even though our session was shorter than I typically like newborn sessions to be, we did get some absolutely beautiful images.

So, without further adieu, may I present “S”. I hope you enjoy her images as much as I did capturing them.

Until next time,